English translation of ‘Io Donna’ interview
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English translation of ‘Io Donna’ interview

Hello, readers! It took us some times but we finally translated the full interview Amber did for the Italian magazine ‘Io Donna’ back in December. This translation was made entirely by us so if you repost it in its entirety or in parts, please credit our page. Enjoy!





She quickly got rid of the “Johnny Depp’s ex” label. In theaters, she’s a superhero equal to her male counterpart. And in her life, she’s an activist who advocates against sexual violence. She’s ready to break many taboos.

It’s exhausting to be a superhero. It’s a surreal experience, with all those special effects”. Amber Heard’s voice is calm and warm. Add the doll hair made in Texas (where the saying “The bigger the hair, the closer to God” comes from), the beauty pageants at 17 years old when she had just arrived in Los Angeles and your mind will go straight to certain clichés: doll, sex symbol. That’s exactly what this 32 year old lady is not. Or at least, that’s not all.

For an instant, you would think that Aquaman certainly doesn’t help, the cinematic adaption of the DC comic-book directed by horror master James Wan (out in cinemas on January 1st). A film in which both protagonists are blessed with an extraordinary genetic heritage: Amber – squeezed in a green latex suit – plays Mera, a warrior queen from the submerged world of Atlantis; her partner Jason Momoa – the exotic-eyed, hunky Hawaiian – plays the hybrid human-Atlantean Arthury Curry/Aquaman.

A couple we already saw in Justice League – though Amber very briefly – directed by Zack Snyder in 2017. And how would she explain that these two characters haven’t fallen in love yet? Amber Heard laughs but she expects that question. “That would have been a classic formula, this is modern tale instead. There’s an element of attraction between them but what leads them to come together is something else: they have a mission to accomplish. The romantic aspect of it all comes after”.

Another detail that marks a turning point? For the actress, this is the first important film after the end of her marriage (3 years of relationship and 15 months of marriage) with Johnny Depp in 2016, amongst allegations of domestic violence and a ‘he said, she said’ on media outlets. The ending is well known: he pays $7 million, she donates it all to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), in defense of humans’ rights, and to the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital. “But I’ve supported ACLU since I was 16”, she clarifies quickly. True, but from that moment the charming and smooching ’wife of’ became a full and pure activist. “I’ve never seen anyone as passionate as her” commented Amanda Nguyen, nominated at the Nobel Peace Prize 2019 and founder of ‘Rise’, an association (of which Amber is part of) responsible for the Sexual Assault Survivors’ Rights Act that has already been approved by the US Congress in 2016 and aims to be recognized worldwide.

It’s through Amber’s personal lens that we need to look at Mera. A big change from her insanely sexy roles in the past (the teenager in All The Boys Love Mandy Lane, her first leading role – never released in Italy -, the spy in 3 Days To Kill, the reporter in The River Why) but according to Heard, this is also thanks to a new view on the relationship between men and women. “How would I describe Mera and Arthur’s relationship? They’re equals. She comes from under the sea, she can control water but she’s basically an alien on earth. For him it’s the opposite. They both have their own identities and share part of responsibility in their adventure”.

Quite an advanced dynamic for a comic-book written in 1941.

That’s true. Two years ago, before accepting this role for Justice League, I read a few issues. The way Mera makes her first appearance struck me a lot. First of all, she’s the one who helps Arthur save a town from a flood. At one point, one of the citizens asks: ‘Who is she? Aquawoman?’ And she says more or less: ‘Hey, wait a minute. I have my own name’. That was the moment I thought: ‘I like her, that’s my kind of woman’.

Finally, right?

Finally, of course. I like strong and independent female characters who live their own life and aren’t there to support the man. It’s a shame that in this business, but not only in this one, there’s always been a lack of figures like these. You don’t know how long I’ve suffered because of that but it was only a matter of time. Things are changing and I’m so happy about that.

Do you only take on challenging projects in your career?

Yes, it’s a responsibility that I feel is deeply rooted in me. The luck I have with this job is that it offers me an important platform but my duty is to give something back. Speaking about justice, making sure that my roles have an impact… it’s the least I can do.

Is this the reason that led you to make your past relationship with photographer Tasya Van Ree public?

Of course. It was a time when my colleagues were claiming their privacy and being bisexual was considered a taboo. But being quiet about something means admitting that it is wrong. I knew it wasn’t like that so I spoke about me to describe the reality truthfully and to offer younger people someone to look at, because my generation grew up without a reference point. Maybe thanks to me someone felt less inadequate.

Is Hollywood less liberal than what it seems?

It’s an industry full of glamorous people and noble ideals but they all act opposite to what they preach. They only pursue what the public likes and they end up being repetitive and telling the same stories all over again. I’m not interested in this approach. We need to reach different people, push ourselves beyond, not being static.

Before joining Rise, you were a great supporter of the #MeToo movement. Are you happy with what was achieved?

I’m happy that the conversation changed drastically, there’s so much more awareness today. However, we as women are at a crossroads: we’re galvanized because we finally know what we deserve and where we belong, but at the same time we’re fed up with the attitudes that up until now restrained us, diminished us and reduced us to objects. The entertainment industry still has a lot to do to catch up: we need more women behind the camera and equal salaries for all. It’s not fair that actresses are paid less when we are often the ones who spend more time on set for makeup and hair only.

Is it true you like old books?

Yes, I collect them. I like to have objects that I can keep in my hands, that remind me of the places where I’ve been or that simply speak about myself. I carry them with me especially when I travel, they help me feel at home.

For you, home is also Austin, Texas.

Yes, a place where the horizon is endless. That sky is what I miss the most. As a kid I spent most of my time in the open air with my dad, who was kind of a cowboy. We used to go hunting and fishing together. At 12 years old I couldn’t ride a runaway horse. When I saw a spot of grass I jumped but then my dad’s gaze convinced me to hop back on. That time I learnt that the only thing worse of being unsaddled is the decision of stopping riding.

How did the split from your husband influenced your decision of helping women?

In my life, it was always the toughest times and the difficulties that defined who I am and made me stronger. You learn from your battles and tribulations, rather than from the happy times.

To whom suffered violence, what do you say?

Hold your head high and walk with pride. But in the end, that’s a suggestion I would give to anyone.

One Young World summit
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One Young World summit

Amber è atterrata in Olanda per partecipare al summit di One Young World a The Hague. Proprio oggi ha partecipato alla cerimonia d’apertura del festival e nella giornata di domani, 18 ottobre, salirà sul palco per tenere un discorso legato al suo attivismo.

Campagna di sensibilizzazione #WeAreAllHumanity
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Campagna di sensibilizzazione #WeAreAllHumanity

Venerdì, Amber ha preso parola tramite il suo profilo personale su Instagram per promuovere una campagna di sensibilizzazione dell’organizzazione Citizens of Humanity a favore degli immigrati rifugiati.

Questa settimana @citizensofhumanity darà inizio alla sua campagna #WeAreAllHumanity e per ogni foto postata su Instagram con questo filtro ed hashtag, [l’organizzazione] donerà 10 dollari agli Stati Uniti per UNHCR [Alto commissariato delle Nazioni Unite per i rifugiati], un’agenzia non-profit per l’aiuto ai rifugiati. Per fare lo stesso post, puoi trovare questo filtro sul sito www.weareallhumanity.org

Amber e Tasya insieme per le strade di New York
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Amber e Tasya insieme per le strade di New York

Il 2 agosto, Amber e la sua ex fidanzata e fotografa Tasya van Ree sono state paparazzate insieme per le strade di New York. Cliccate qui per sfogliare l’album nella nostra photo gallery.

Nuova testimonial globale di L’Oréal Paris
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Nuova testimonial globale di L’Oréal Paris

Come reso noto dalla rivista statunitense People, Amber Heard è la nuova testimonial del famoso brand cosmetico francese L’Oréal Paris!

Amber si unirà ad una lunga lista di celebri testimonial, sia attrici che modelle, come Eva Longoria, Julianne Moore, Bianca Balti, Doutzen Kroes e tantissime altre! Restate con noi per saperne di più nei prossimi giorni. Amber, infatti, prenderà parte al festival di Cannes sia per promuovere il suo nuovo film “Her Smell”, sia per prendere parte allo show “Worth It” proprio di L’Oréal. Di seguito, troverete dei passaggi tradotti direttamente dall’articolo di People.

“Negli anni ho sempre pensato di dover essere più di una semplice attrice, ma di usare la mia voce per fare del bene, per rendere il mondo un posto un po’ migliore e dare forza alle donne nel modo migliore possibile. Questo è un brand [L’Oréal Paris] con cui mi posso identificare e che lancia un messaggio che è volto a fare molto più che vendere un prodotto di bellezza. Ora più che mai, credo che il loro slogan “Perché voi valete” risuona in tutte noi”.

Qual è il prodotto di bellezza che hai bisogno di avere a portata di mano ovunque tu vada nel mondo?

Il correttore L’Oréal Paris True Match Super Blendable Concealer. E’ incredibile. Se cerco qualcosa che posso buttare velocemente nella mia borsa, specie quando viaggio, o se ne ho bisogno in una pochette o in una borsetta piccola, posso spalmarlo con il dito. E’ un tocco magico.

Che prodotto usi quando ti vuoi sentire sicura di te?

Beh, se non è il correttore, non puoi sbagliare con del rossetto rosso. Cambia tutto. Tenendo comunque conto che c’è il correttore nella borsa!

Chi è la tua (celebrità) icona di bellezza?

Lauren Hutton è meravigliosa. Adoro il fatto che sia invecchiata con dignità e grazia. E’ meravigliosa perché ha il suo viso. Ho sempre detto che è un onore diventare grande con la tua faccia. Credo che semplicemente prendersi cura della propria pelle e poi sentirsi sicuri di sé con essa mentre si invecchia sia la chiave.

Come ami coccolarti?

Amo un bello scrub facciale e una maschera idratante. Ma se davvero mi voglio coccolare, faccio un trattamento viso o vado alla spa.

Ti sei iscritta a Instagram giusto l’anno scorso. Qual è la parte migliore del condividere la tua vita sui social media?

Quando arrivai a Los Angeles la prima volta, a 16 o 17 anni, ho lottato ferocemente per la mia privacy. Per questa ragione era un controsenso per me usare un social media che aveva a che fare con la mia vita privata. Adesso mi chiedo perché io ci abbia messo tanto. Fino a un anno fa avevo davvero poca influenza, figuriamoci controllo, su come la mia immagine veniva trasmessa. Tutti avevano il proprio microfono quando parlavano di me o di cosa rappresentavo, tutti eccetto me. Adesso mi diverto ad avere un po’ di potere nel controllare la mia immagine.

Qual è un consiglio che daresti alla te sedicenne prima di trasferirti a Hollywood?

Ringrazierei mia mamma. E terrei la testa alta più spesso. Se sei sicura di te, è impossibile non essere raggiante e il mondo risponde a ciò. So che sembra una cosa banale, ma sembra sia il miglior consiglio di bellezza che potrei dare alla me sedicenne.

Arrivo in Francia per il festival di Cannes
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Arrivo in Francia per il festival di Cannes

Amber Heard è stata vista oggi, 9 maggio, arrivare all’aeroporto di Nizza. La sua partecipazione al festival del film di Cannes è stata confermata oggi in quanto parte del cast del film “Her Smell” che verrà presentato proprio in questa occasione.

Potete trovare l’album con tutte le candids dell’aeroporto direttamente nella nostra galleria.

Met Gala 2018
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Met Gala 2018

Dopo la sua assenza ai Met Gala 2017, quest’anno Amber è tornata a camminare sul tappeto rosso del Costume Institute Benefit gala indossando un abito rosso firmato Carolina Herrera. Il tema di quest’anno, “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion & The Catholic Imagination”, prevedeva appunto l’incontro tra la religione e la moda.

Riportiamo di seguito le parole utilizzate da Karla Welch, la stilista di Amber, per descrivere la sua scelta di questo meraviglioso outfit completato da una corona dorata costata solo 32 dollari ed ideata dal designer Apatico.

“Il rosso è simbolo di chi è pronto a intraprendere il cammino dei martiri e il loro percorso è macchiato dal sangue da loro versato. Questa è la ragione per cui il Papa indossa scarpe rosse”.

Una scelta meravigliosa, in linea con il tema del gala e la storia personale della nostra Amber! Visitate l’album con tutte le foto dell’evento nella nostra galleria.

Nuovo ruolo nel drama ‘Gully’
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Nuovo ruolo nel drama ‘Gully’

Come riportato da Variety, Amber affiancherà Charlie Plummer nel nuovo film indie drammatico “Gully”.

Il film è ambientato in una versione leggermente distopica di Los Angeles. Segue le storie di tre adolescenti disadattati, tutti vittime di un trauma subito nell’infanzia, che guidano una rivolta edonistica.

Amber interpreterà la madre di Charlie Plummer.

Nuovo ruolo da protagonista nel thriller romantico “Run Away With Me”
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Nuovo ruolo da protagonista nel thriller romantico “Run Away With Me”

Ciao a tutti!

Come riportato dai più importanti siti di news nel mondo di Hollywood, come Variety e The Hollywood Reporter, possiamo finalmente confermare con immensa gioia che Amber ha un nuovo progetto in cantiere!

Infatti, interpreterà la protagonista in Run Away With Me, un thriller romantico targato Sentinel Pictures. Amber interpreterà Kimberly, una ragazza innamorata e tremendamente sfortunata che si troverà faccia a faccia con il lato oscuro dell’industria della moda europa. Il film si girerà a Parigi, come confermato anche dal regista canadese Fred Grivois, ma al momento non si conoscono altri membri del cast. Le riprese e la produzione dovrebbero cominciare quest’anno, probabilmente in estate o in autunno.


La trama:

La storia si incentra su Tom e Kimberly (Amber Heard), due sfortunati innamorati che tentando la fuga dall’oscuro mondo della moda in Europa. Tom, un americano in visita a Parigi per la festa di addio al celibato del suo migliore amico, si innamora della bella e misteriosa Kimberly. Quando Tom scopre una scioccante verità su di lei, il suo viaggio prende una piega quasi letale; i due si imbarcano in avvincente viaggio per le strade di Parigi per iniziare una vita insieme.



Vi ricordiamo che Amber apparirà anche in Aquaman, diretto da James Wan, che uscirà nelle sale italiane il 21 dicembre, accanto a un cast stellare che comprende Jason Momoa, Willem Dafoe, Patrick Wilson e Nicole Kidman.

Intervista del settimanale F del 22 novembre tradotta in inglese
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Intervista del settimanale F del 22 novembre tradotta in inglese

Troviamo Amber sulla copertina del settimanale italiano F, il 46esimo numero uscito il 22 novembre scorso. In un’intervista condotta da Alessandra Mattanza, Amber parla della supereroina Mera e della sua vita. Qui di seguito, l’intero articolo tradotto da noi in inglese per i nostri followers anglofoni. Per leggere l’intervista in italiano, potete cliccare qui.


I’m rebellious and independent. I want a man who cuddles me, not a man who supports me.

What about the $7 million she got from her divorce with Johnny Depp? She will donate it all to charity. Amber doesn’t want leashes nor debts. She wishes to be free of loving whoever she wants (men or women), feel the wind in her hair while she rides her horse and cook for her friends. Thanks to them she found the courage to report the abuse endured at the hands of her ex husband.

Amber Heard looks like a cat. Her green eyes gaze at you with curiosity, wildly, unsettled, and you have the feeling that at any moment she could jump and disappear into thin air. It’s not surprising that men lose their minds for her, for her blonde hair, for her sensual lips, her smoking hot body. It’s neither surprising that they would do all kind of crazy things for her, to the extremes like her ex husband Johnny Depp did, who first showered her in gift, jewels and attentions; then, exasperated because you can’t put a leash on a free spirit like Amber, he used brutality, he beat her and turned their marriage into a tragic divorce. After him, Elon Musk came along, the most brilliant billionaire of our time, creator of Tesla and PayPal, but their relationship ended last August after only a year. And while rumors have it that she’s attracted to brief and not so serious relationships (in a month she’s been photographed in unequivocal attitudes with two different stuntmen, Kelly McNaught and Mana Hira Davis), the Texan actress made her debut as a hero from the comic books. In Justice League, now playing in cinemas, she’s Mera, the gorgeous and powerful princess of an underwater world of the DC Comics.

Did you like playing the gorgeous Mera?

I adore the costume I wear and we made many researches to represent this character in the best way possible, because I know she’s very loved by fans and I don’t want to disappoint their expectations. I’m hoping for the best.

How did you get along with your colleagues on set?

They were all very kind and I think that, together, we make an amazing team. With Batman-Ben Affleck, Superman-Henry Cavill. And Gal Gadot truly is a fantastic Wonder Woman.

You’re officially bisexual. You were never afraid of exposing your own beliefs.

I’m convinced that you don’t have to be afraid of making your voice heard, even if you can be misunderstood or criticized. Regarding sexuality, I believe in love above all and the sex of the person doesn’t matter: I only believe in true feelings.

After being abused by your ex, Johnny Depp, you were featured in a video where you encouraged women victims of domestic violence to speak up.

No one really knows what goes on behind closed doors. I was lucky to have the support of a few good friends, mostly women, that helped me and supported me when I was down and advised me on what was best to do. But you don’t have to feel ashamed and you don’t have to be scared to speak up.

Do you too think that women are underrepresented in Hollywood?

Of course, but I think that a move towards changes needs to come from the public and not only from the star system. The public needs to show a preference for movies with strong female characters. Luckily there are more and more projects willing to tell stories about tough women.

You are one too. You started from zero.

I’ve grown up in a conservative town in Texas. But I was a rebel and I was ambitious and I couldn’t wait to leave. I wanted to travel, to know different cultures and places and since I was a kid, acting was my dream. I started as a model at the age of 16, I sent some photographs of me to different agencies. But I knew I wanted to completely and artistically express myself, not just with my physical appearance.

So you’ve always been a rebel.

When I was younger I was a tomboy. My father taught me how to break horses, I went fishing and hunting with him, even if I never killed any creature because I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

That’s where your passion for horses comes from?

I love animals but I have a deep connection with horses. Now I have my own horse in Malibu and when I ride her, with the wind in my hair, all my problems and anxieties disappear, it’s like a therapy to me. I feel my head clear. And then I have my dogs, Boo and Pistol, my Yorkshire terriers, whom I got custody of after the divorce and for whom I risked jail for bringing them to Australia without putting them through quarantine, which is compulsory in that country. Playing with them always puts a smile on my face.

You’re very close to your family, aren’t you?

Yes, I am indeed. I’m close to my father in particular, he follows me on set where, sometimes, maybe for his cowboy look, people mistaken him for an actor! I love him, he’s always been a direct and blunt man. And my sister Whitney, who I love going shopping with for the streets of Los Angeles and sometimes comes with me on set or red carpets. I think success is more beautiful if you can share it with the people you love.

What are the most important values for you?

Generosity, freedom, independence. I’ve always been very independent, I learned how to live on my own since I was very young, as a model, sure, and also as a lifeguard. I like being taken care of but I don’t expect to be financially supported.

Do you want kids in the future?

Sure! But now it’s a bit difficult because I’m always traveling for work, but in the future I absolutely want children. I love kids.

What do you like doing in you free time?

I read a lot. I find novels very fascinating, both classic and modern. I left my studies at the age of 17 to find a job, I needed money. Reading helped me and gave me the education I was lacking. And I collect antique books, especially poetry. My favorite poets are Pablo Neruda and Ayn Rand.

Do you often go out in pubs? Do you take part in events and parties in Hollywood?

Sure, I do that often for work. But, being always in different places, when I’m home I prefer to invite my friends over and cook for them. I love strong flavors and Southern food, which I grew up with. Even if I couldn’t wait to leave Texas when I was younger, my origins are there and I still have a strong bond with it. And then I have another passion, quite unusual.

And what is it?

Sometimes I fix my vintage cars on my own. I love them! Especially my 1968 Mustang and Mercedes 250SL.