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vi diamo il bevenuto su amber heard italia, la prima e maggiore fonte italiana dedicata alla splendida e talentuosa attrice e attivista amber heard, conosciuta per i suoi ruoli in "aquaman", "the danish girl", "3 days to kill" e come ambasciatrice delle nazioni unite. nel nostro sito potrete trovare tutte le informazioni e le ultime notizie relative ai progetti di amber, e sfogliare la nostra ricchissima galleria di foto.

Intervista del settimanale F del 22 novembre tradotta in inglese

Intervista del settimanale F del 22 novembre tradotta in inglese

Troviamo Amber sulla copertina del settimanale italiano F, il 46esimo numero uscito il 22 novembre scorso. In un’intervista condotta da Alessandra Mattanza, Amber parla della supereroina Mera e della sua vita. Qui di seguito, l’intero articolo tradotto da noi in inglese per i nostri followers anglofoni. Per leggere l’intervista in italiano, potete cliccare qui.


I’m rebellious and independent. I want a man who cuddles me, not a man who supports me.

What about the $7 million she got from her divorce with Johnny Depp? She will donate it all to charity. Amber doesn’t want leashes nor debts. She wishes to be free of loving whoever she wants (men or women), feel the wind in her hair while she rides her horse and cook for her friends. Thanks to them she found the courage to report the abuse endured at the hands of her ex husband.

Amber Heard looks like a cat. Her green eyes gaze at you with curiosity, wildly, unsettled, and you have the feeling that at any moment she could jump and disappear into thin air. It’s not surprising that men lose their minds for her, for her blonde hair, for her sensual lips, her smoking hot body. It’s neither surprising that they would do all kind of crazy things for her, to the extremes like her ex husband Johnny Depp did, who first showered her in gift, jewels and attentions; then, exasperated because you can’t put a leash on a free spirit like Amber, he used brutality, he beat her and turned their marriage into a tragic divorce. After him, Elon Musk came along, the most brilliant billionaire of our time, creator of Tesla and PayPal, but their relationship ended last August after only a year. And while rumors have it that she’s attracted to brief and not so serious relationships (in a month she’s been photographed in unequivocal attitudes with two different stuntmen, Kelly McNaught and Mana Hira Davis), the Texan actress made her debut as a hero from the comic books. In Justice League, now playing in cinemas, she’s Mera, the gorgeous and powerful princess of an underwater world of the DC Comics.

Did you like playing the gorgeous Mera?

I adore the costume I wear and we made many researches to represent this character in the best way possible, because I know she’s very loved by fans and I don’t want to disappoint their expectations. I’m hoping for the best.

How did you get along with your colleagues on set?

They were all very kind and I think that, together, we make an amazing team. With Batman-Ben Affleck, Superman-Henry Cavill. And Gal Gadot truly is a fantastic Wonder Woman.

You’re officially bisexual. You were never afraid of exposing your own beliefs.

I’m convinced that you don’t have to be afraid of making your voice heard, even if you can be misunderstood or criticized. Regarding sexuality, I believe in love above all and the sex of the person doesn’t matter: I only believe in true feelings.

After being abused by your ex, Johnny Depp, you were featured in a video where you encouraged women victims of domestic violence to speak up.

No one really knows what goes on behind closed doors. I was lucky to have the support of a few good friends, mostly women, that helped me and supported me when I was down and advised me on what was best to do. But you don’t have to feel ashamed and you don’t have to be scared to speak up.

Do you too think that women are underrepresented in Hollywood?

Of course, but I think that a move towards changes needs to come from the public and not only from the star system. The public needs to show a preference for movies with strong female characters. Luckily there are more and more projects willing to tell stories about tough women.

You are one too. You started from zero.

I’ve grown up in a conservative town in Texas. But I was a rebel and I was ambitious and I couldn’t wait to leave. I wanted to travel, to know different cultures and places and since I was a kid, acting was my dream. I started as a model at the age of 16, I sent some photographs of me to different agencies. But I knew I wanted to completely and artistically express myself, not just with my physical appearance.

So you’ve always been a rebel.

When I was younger I was a tomboy. My father taught me how to break horses, I went fishing and hunting with him, even if I never killed any creature because I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

That’s where your passion for horses comes from?

I love animals but I have a deep connection with horses. Now I have my own horse in Malibu and when I ride her, with the wind in my hair, all my problems and anxieties disappear, it’s like a therapy to me. I feel my head clear. And then I have my dogs, Boo and Pistol, my Yorkshire terriers, whom I got custody of after the divorce and for whom I risked jail for bringing them to Australia without putting them through quarantine, which is compulsory in that country. Playing with them always puts a smile on my face.

You’re very close to your family, aren’t you?

Yes, I am indeed. I’m close to my father in particular, he follows me on set where, sometimes, maybe for his cowboy look, people mistaken him for an actor! I love him, he’s always been a direct and blunt man. And my sister Whitney, who I love going shopping with for the streets of Los Angeles and sometimes comes with me on set or red carpets. I think success is more beautiful if you can share it with the people you love.

What are the most important values for you?

Generosity, freedom, independence. I’ve always been very independent, I learned how to live on my own since I was very young, as a model, sure, and also as a lifeguard. I like being taken care of but I don’t expect to be financially supported.

Do you want kids in the future?

Sure! But now it’s a bit difficult because I’m always traveling for work, but in the future I absolutely want children. I love kids.

What do you like doing in you free time?

I read a lot. I find novels very fascinating, both classic and modern. I left my studies at the age of 17 to find a job, I needed money. Reading helped me and gave me the education I was lacking. And I collect antique books, especially poetry. My favorite poets are Pablo Neruda and Ayn Rand.

Do you often go out in pubs? Do you take part in events and parties in Hollywood?

Sure, I do that often for work. But, being always in different places, when I’m home I prefer to invite my friends over and cook for them. I love strong flavors and Southern food, which I grew up with. Even if I couldn’t wait to leave Texas when I was younger, my origins are there and I still have a strong bond with it. And then I have another passion, quite unusual.

And what is it?

Sometimes I fix my vintage cars on my own. I love them! Especially my 1968 Mustang and Mercedes 250SL.

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